Iron Hive

We take local Alberta grown honey to produce small batches of craft mead in a micro meadery right here in the true north. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. All of our products are created from local honey and the purest glacier or spring water. We do small batch brewing to produce limited quantities of our mead. Each Season provides inspiration for our small batch brewing to produce limited seasonal cans of mead. You can find us at your nearest liquor store or contact us for local pickup.


Our mead is crafted with purity in mind. What this means is there are only two ingredients involved in creating it; water and honey*. Nothing else. What this means for you is you are getting the purest mead possible. We only use locally grown Alberta Winter or Alberta Summer Honey and only the purest Alberta Glacier or Alberta Spring Water.

Water + Honey


That's all

Water is vital to life, but, without sugars the mind and body could not function. Some would argue that honey is the purest form of sugar nature can give us. This is why we believe mead has played such an impactful role throughout history and why we have made it our mission to bring quality mead to you.

*Yeast is used during the fermentation process.


Tradition is at the root of Iron Hive's beliefs. We believe that this respect for tradition creates the purest and best tasting mead. The recipes we use dates back 9'000 years, pre-dating even the oldest wine by several thousand years. This means we use the very same recipes our Norse, Celtic, Greek and Roman ancestors celebrated with and that Vikings used to drink in Mead Halls.


Please feel free to contact us at for any inquiries.

Picture of Gold Rush Mead

Gold Rush

473 ml can
ALC 9% by vol.

Made with Alberta honey and spring water.

Picture of Frost Bite Mead

Frost Bite

473 ml can
ALC 9% by vol.

Made with Alberta honey and spring water.

Picture of Pioneer's Blood Mead

Pioneer's Blood

473 ml can
ALC 9% by vol.

Blackberry Mead made from blackberries and spring water.

Sweet Sour
Coming Spring 2023

Be sure to check back soon for our seasonal meads.